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Urist likes gorlaks for their helpful guidance.

  • Underground Depth: 1-3
Alignment: Good

· Learns

Cannot be tamed 
Birth: 3,000 cm3
Mid: 10,000 cm3
Max: 50,000 cm3

Child at: 1
Adult at: 12
Max age: 110-150
Cannot be butchered
This article is about the current version of DF.
A small, round humanoid found wandering the caves deep underground. Most of its body is taken up by a huge tusked mouth.

Gorlaks are small, good-aligned sapient humanoids encountered in cavern areas. Despite their appearance, they are benign, and so mostly harmless, although will sometimes cause job cancellations,Bug:3348 and occasional weak attacks against animals or sleeping dwarves. They are easily dispatched by even a novice military dwarf and/or most civilians.

Gorlaks are able to join civilizations (usually dwarven), making them appear as visitors and be playable in adventurer mode in a similar fashion to animal people. Before beginning an adventure as a gorlak or enlisting one into your military, note that they have special considerations for armor usage, as they do not have a torso—a gorlak's limbs connect directly to its head. While gorlaks may equip body and leg wear, they are equipped in the head slot while offering no head protection, only serving to take up space and provide coverage for limbs. As an example, though gorlaks can equip breastplates, the lack of a torso means they don't actually offer any protection while taking up the "shaped" armor spot for the head, preventing the wearing of a helm. An armor set consisting of a helm, mail shirt (for upper limb protection), gauntlets, and high boots will be the equivalent of full coverage for a gorlak.

They can't be spawned in the object testing arena.

Some dwarves like gorlaks for their impressive tusks, their stimulating conversation and their helpful guidance.

A gorlak, drawn in crayon by Bay 12 Games.
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They are often said to be found traveling with a blue troll and a small girl, and are occasionally found to only have one eye.