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Monarch butterfly

Urist likes monarch butterflies for their coloration.


Monarch butterfly - Monarch butterfly man - Giant monarch butterfly


· Flying

Active Seasons
Spring Summer Autumn Winter

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This article is about the current version of DF.
A small insect with large orange wings. It is admired for its beauty.

Monarch butterflies are a type of above ground vermin found flying around in any area that is warmer than freezing, and will not go out in the winter. They may not be caught in animal traps. All monarch butterflies possess Legendary skill in climbing.

Some dwarves like monarch butterflies for their coloration.

Admired for its coloration.
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Be very, very careful of the possibility of a dead monarch butterfly jamming your main entrance open. It can lead to some truly absurd scenarios, as the folks at Boatmurdered can attest to.