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Phantom spider

Urist likes phantom spiders for their creepiness.

Alignment: Evil

· Exotic pet · Extract · Syndrome · Webs

Pet value 0
Active Seasons
Spring Summer Autumn Winter
This article is about the current version of DF.
A tiny translucent creature, found in evil forests.

Phantom spiders are vermin that occur in evil forest biomes. Closely related to cave spiders, they produce webs that can be collected and woven into thread at a loom, and bite creatures to inject a venom which causes numbness and dizziness for approximately one month. An animal dissector can use a caught phantom spider to make venom. Note that stripping an area of available trees reduces the amount of webbing present, due to dwarves trampling it.

Some dwarves like phantom spiders for their translucence and their creepiness.

Ghostly spider. Not-so-ghostly venom.


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Dwarven: zimesh sethal
Elvish: vilela thepani
Goblin: kung utes
Human: warosp azoc