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Ibex man


Urist likes ibex men for their long horns.


Ibex - Ibex man - Giant ibex

Alignment: Savage

· Learns · Humanoid

Cannot be tamed 
Birth: 6,000 cm3
Mid: 12,000 cm3
Max: 60,000 cm3

Adult at: 1
Max age: 60-80
Cannot be butchered
This article is about the current version of DF.
A horned person with the head of an ibex.

Ibex men are the animal man version of the ibex, found in savage grasslands and deserts, and are roughly the size of a dwarf. They are one of the few animal people species able to wear dwarf-sized armor and clothing, making them a good choice for adventurers starting in a dwarven civilization. Both ibex men and ibex women have horns, but these are mostly decorative as they can’t use them for goring attacks. Their hooves add some ”punch” to their kicks, though.

Some dwarves like ibex men for their long horns.