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This article is about the current version of DF.
For the article on farming plants, see Farming. For the article on crops, see Crops.

A plant is a regrowing natural resource. In Dwarf Fortress, they can be separated into four categories, all of which have different properties and uses. In the context of the game, they also include fungi (such as plump helmets or fungiwood) and certain things not made of plant matter (such as staring eyeballs and wormy tendrils), all of which are functionally identical to plants.

Not the inhaling type.

Major types of plants[edit]


Main article: Crop

Crops can be planted from seeds and grown in farms. These include garden plants which can be bought at embark. There are above-ground as well as subterranean crops, both of which need soil or muddied rock to grow.


Main article: Shrub

Shrubs cannot be planted, and must be gathered from naturally-growing specimens.


Main article: Tree

Trees are not farmable, and grow on multiple z-levels, providing wood and possibly fruit.


Main article: Grass

Grasses form the natural groundcover of soil and muddied rock, and are necessary to feed grazing animals.

Plant growth[edit]

Plants may have multiple different types of growths. Each growth can have different properties in terms of usages and edibility. In general, only plant growths which are usable in some fashion will be collected and stockpiled by dwarves.


Bulbs do not contain seeds.


Flowers do not contain seeds. Currently, only date palm trees produce flowers that are usable in-game.


Leaves do not contain seeds. Currently, most usable leaves are edible.

In-game, the category "leaves" in the stocks screen includes most non-seed plant growths (leaves, fruit, flowers, etc.)

An example of a common plant with useful leaves is the quarry bush, which, when cooked, can produce large stacks of prepared food.

As most species of trees grow, they will produce leaves as a growth. Although these leaves will drop to the floor during the autumn seasons, they currently cannot be collected and have no use other than for atmospheric effect. Also, tree leaves cannot be cut away, and they only disappear during the winter seasons or if the tree is chopped down.

Leaves growing on an Apricot tree


A nut is a tree seed growth, usually edible.


A pod is a plant growth containing seeds. In comparison to fruit, pods are thin structures, usually not edible.


A fruit is a plant growth containing seeds. In comparison to pods, fruits are larger structures, usually edible. Fruit may be produced by both crops and trees.


In Fortress mode, fruit can be picked, on the surface, by setting up a gathering zone (i then g). If there are any trees in the zone, a dwarf will pick up a stepladder or climb the tree and drop the fruit to the ground, where they or some other food hauler will pick it up. Alternatively, if fruit has fallen on a shrub, gathering that shrub will gather the fruit on it as well. On the stocks screen, fruit such as apples is in the Leaves category.

Some examples:

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