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This article is about the current version of DF.

Oil is an ingredient in cooking and soap making, made by pressing one of the several seed pastes or fruit at a screw press. The press squeezes the material, releasing the oil, which is stored in a liquid-capable jug. The oil can then be used to supplement a fortress's food supply, or can be combined with lye to make soap.

Oil-producing crops[edit]

The following crops produce seeds that can be milled and pressed into oil:

Plant Name Underground? Oil Name Oil Value
Quarry bush Yes Rock Nut oil 5☼
Cotton No Cottonseed oil 5☼
Flax No Linseed oil 5☼
Hemp No Hempseed oil 5☼
Kenaf No Kenaf seed oil 5☼
Olive (fruit) No Olive oil 5☼


Oil will be used in the kitchen when 'prepare meal' tasks are queued if it is enabled in the Kitchen tab in the Status screen.

Most of the seeds can be cooked directly, but have a base value of 1☼. However, milling the seeds to a paste and pressing them into oil generates a press cake with a value of 1☼ and a unit of oil with a value of 5☼, a 500% value increase for only two labors.

Olive oil.
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