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DF2014:Dwarven syrup

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This article is about an older version of DF.

Dwarven syrup is a cooking ingredient made from sweet pods at a farmer's workshop using the "process plants (barrel)" order and the plant processing labor. Five units of dwarven syrup are made from each sweet pod, and one seed per sweet pod will be left over. Dwarven syrup cannot be eaten in its raw state, but can be made into edible food using cooking.


Cooks will only cook dwarven syrup as a last resort, instead preferring to cook solid foods with solid foods. Bug:2393 A workaround for this is to set up multiple stockpiles around the kitchen. The stockpile that gives the solid food must feed the food into the kitchen 1 stack at a time. Barrels do not matter, but usually it's not possible to use them because they contain multiple stacks of food. The stockpile that feeds in the solid material must be 1x1 for only 1 stack of solid food, and not a quantum stockpile. You can designate another food stockpile to give to the 1x1 piles after the cook has dragged off a solid food item. Most likely he'll have a few barrels of syrup in the kitchen by the time a hauler brings a new solid item. 1 1x1 pile is needed for each kitchen you want to cook with (also link the syrup stockpiles. This method requires use of stockpile linking to force cooks to use 1 solid item at a time. You'll get many cancellations since sometimes a hauler isn't bringing new solid items fast enough or the cook grabbed the new one too fast, so queue up many lavish meal jobs on repeat and occasionally check the kitchens. Should also work with cooking booze or rock nut oil.

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