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This article is about an older version of DF.
A single parchment sheet.

Sheets are used in the production of scrolls and quires. They can be made from either paper or parchment, and are stored under Sheet (top stockpile category).

For more information, see: Paper industry.


Paper is made from cloth plants mashed into slurry (at a quern/millstone) and then pressed on a screw press. Both of these actions use the papermaking labor.

Plant Sheet name Native Biomes
Cotton Cotton sheet Tropical
Flax Linen sheet Tropical Grassland or Savanna
Hemp Hemp sheet Temperate
Jute Jute sheet Tropical
Kenaf Kenaf sheet Tropical
Pig tail Pig tail sheet Underground
Ramie Ramie sheet Tropical
Rope reed Rope reed sheet not Glacier, Mountain, or Tundra


Papyrus sheets are made directly from the papyrus sedge plant (which grows in any tropical wetland) at a farmer's workshop. Note that the simple term "papyrus" can refer to either the plant or the paper.


Parchment is made from hide and milk of lime at a tanner's shop. Parchment made from the hide of a cow is called vellum.

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Fiber (PaperSlurry) • FlowerFruitLeafOil • Plant powders (DyeFlour) • Seed (Press cake) • Wood
AmberAshCoralFilthFuelGlassGrimeIceLyeMagmaMudPearlashPotashSaltUnknown substanceVomitWater
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