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DF2014:Screw press

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Screw press


Job Requirement

Presser, Papermaker

Materials Jobs
Materials Used
Goods Created
This article is about an older version of DF.

A screw press is a special workshop used to press liquids out of various substances. Currently, this consists of pressing seed pastes or fruit (olives) to yield oil (which can then be made into soap or cooked) and press cake (which can be cooked), and pressing honeycombs to yield honey (which can then be brewed into mead) and wax cake (which can be made into wax crafts). Each pressing job requires an empty jug to hold the oil or honey.

Slurry may be pressed into sheets of paper at the screw press. Unlike other jobs at the screw press, this requires paper making and not pressing. Sheets of paper also have quality levels, while other products at the screw press do not.


  • Screw presses sometimes do not allow the "press honeycomb" job to be added directly; adding the job via the manager interface should get the work started.
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