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This article is about an older version of DF.
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This article is about buildable containers, for all types of containers see: storage.

Containers is a general term used for various types of similar items which are used for storing. Containers are named differently depending on what they are made of (see table, below), but they all fill the same function. They are a common requirement for nobles, and they are also good for increasing the value of a room. Each different type of container holds a varying number of items. Dwarves may walk through tiles with containers.

Containers are listed under "tools" in some menus.

If a dwarf does not own a container in his bedroom, he or she will leave any possessions on the floor. Containers are also used in barracks to store squad equipment, and needed in a library to store blank writing materials such as quires. Note that a bookcase is needed for written materials.

Different names for containers
Name Material Required materials
Box Glass 1 bag of sand (+ pearlash if crafting clear glass), or 1 uncut rock crystal gem
Coffer Stone 1 rock
Chest Wood, Metal 1 log or 3 bars of metal
Bag Cloth, Leather 1 cloth or 1 leather

Both bags and barrels (and all other containers) function exactly the same in-game - they report a container capacity (either hardcoded or derived from the item_tool raws), they have references to their contents (general_ref_contains_itemst), and their contents have references back to the container itself (general_ref_contained_in_itemst).

Any behavioral differences between them are entirely due to the way jobs handle them and the way they (and their contents) are categorized for selection by jobs, and custom reactions don't necessarily follow all of those rules. Custom reactions can use seeds that are stored in bags without requesting the bags themselves, but plant growths might be treated differently, possibly an attempt to keep quarry bush leaves inside their bags (and similar scenarios).

Bags are a special type of box. While they can be built as furniture, they are more commonly used by dwarves to store seeds, mill plants at a millstone or quern, or collect sand. Dwarves have a habit of filling bags with seeds whenever possible, so, typically, many of them need to be made if they are going to be used for other purposes.

A coin bag from the ancient times.

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Currently, bags are unable to reproduce due to being all-male. This may be a bug.

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