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This article is about the current version of DF.
Its piercing days are over.

Horn is the generic name for both the hooves and horns of animals. In Dwarf Fortress, hooves and horns are functionally identical once stripped from their previous owners. Both are obtained by butchering certain animals, although horns are often only present on the male members of a particular species. In certain cases, horns may also be referred to as antlers, as is the case with elk. They can either be carved into horn crafts, or used to decorate existing crafts at the craftsdwarf's workshop; doing so uses the bone carver labor.

Creatures with horns and hooves can be very formidable in combat, especially since most of them are several times larger than your average dwarf - they have the ability to cave in skulls or bruise internal organs. It is best to approach all hoof/horn-wielding creatures with caution.

Adventure mode remarks[edit]

It seems that bone carving skill doesn't empower you to carve troll horns even in 44.05 version.

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