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Sweet pod
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Urist likes sweet pods for their round shape.

· Sweet pod seeds

Spring Summer Autumn Winter

  • Underground Depth: 1-3
Wet Dry
Alcohol Dwarven rum
Extract Dwarven syrup
Powder Dwarven sugar
Plant Properties
Edible No
Cookable No
Seed Properties
Edible No
Cookable Yes
This article is about the current version of DF.

Sweet pods are a subterranean crop grown in spring and summer. Sweet pods can be ground at a millstone or quern into dwarven sugar or processed at the farmer's workshop into barrels of dwarven syrup.

Sweet pods can also be brewed into dwarven rum.

Five units of syrup are obtained for each sweet pod, but only one unit of sugar. However, sugar can serve as a solid ingredient in cooking, while syrup cannot.

  • Grow time: 500
  • Plant value: 2
  • Drink value: 2
  • Mill value: 20
  • Extract value: 20 (×5)
  • Seed value: 1
  • Seasons: Spring and Summer

Some dwarves like sweet pods for their round shape.

Sweet pod.png