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Pepper plant
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Urist likes pepper plants for their fruit.

· Pepper seeds

Spring Summer Autumn Winter

Wet Dry
Fruit Pepper
Plant Properties
Edible No
Cookable No
Fruit Properties
Edible Yes
Cookable Yes
Seed Properties
Edible No

Wikipedia article

This article is about the current version of DF.

Peppers are an aboveground garden plant. They can be planted in all seasons and the pepper is edible raw or cooked.

Dwarf Fortress peppers are based on the American Capsicum fruits, not on the old world true peppers (genus Piper).

Some dwarves like pepper plants for their fruit.

Admired for its fruit.

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Spiciness is not modeled in Dwarf Fortress, perhaps as a kindness to the poor Urist who decides to eat a raw wild pepper for dinner.

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