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Blood thorn

Urist likes blood thorn for their sickening appearance.

  • Underground Depth: 3
Wet Dry
Deciduous No
Density 1250
Max trunk height 5
Max trunk diameter 1
Trunk branching 2
Heavy branch radius 1
Branch radius 2
Root radius 3
Heavy branch density 25
Branch density 50
Root density 5
Wood Blood thorn
This article is about the current version of DF.

Blood thorn are ghastly-looking trees that grow only in the deepest cavern layers. They are distinguished from their peers by being the densest tree in the game (though glumprongs come close), being approximately half as dense as most stone, and by their unique crimson color. When cut down, they produce extremely heavy crimson wood that cannot be found anywhere else, making for heavy but colorful furniture and slightly less useless wooden ballista bolts. Curiously, trampled young blood thorn are purple rather than dark gray, presumably due to the plant having been "bruised" – this is in imitation of the "blood" in their name.

Among subterranean trees, blood thorn are unique in that they can grow in cavern layers that are devoid of water - when this happens, blood thorn will be the only plants present. This means that every so often, a fortress may happen to have a large stock of the tree in its caverns.

Some dwarves like blood thorn for their sickening appearance.

"Blood thorn" in other Languages Books-aj.svg aj ashton 01.svg
Dwarven: nazush kurik
Elvish: cameda iki
Goblin: ogom spuspo
Human: cadem pik