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Urist likes glumprongs for their living shadows.

Wet Dry

No graphic



Deciduous No
Density 1200
Color purple
Max trunk height 6
Max trunk diameter 1
Trunk branching 2
Heavy branch radius 1
Branch radius 2
Root radius 3
Heavy branch density 0
Branch density 0
Root density 5
Wood Glumprong
This article is about an older version of DF.

Glumprongs are a type of above ground tree found only in evil regions, and are notable for their unique purple color and high density wood. Because of this high density, they can be detrimental when used to make items that need to be hauled frequently; they are, however, prime material for your ballista bolts.

If embarking in an evil biome, glumprongs can provide an early and enticing source of wood to the practical player and purple to the purple-loving player. However, they are so slow to haul that any dwarf tasked with dragging a felled glumprong to the wood stockpile is in a prime position to be attacked by beak dogs or worse. To mitigate this, a player may wish to provide a wood stockpile with several wheelbarrows handy for carrying glumprong, which will greatly speed up hauler dwarves.

The impressively high density of glumprong wood makes it an attractive material for certain trap components that can deal blunt-type damage to take advantage of its weight and mass, such as the spiked ball. While quickly outclassed by metals like iron and steel, glumprong may be easier to mass-produce in an evil biome, and thus ideal for stuffing hallways with cheap "filler" weapon traps.

Incidentally, glumprong wood also happens to be the most sensitive material for empty minecart sorting.

Some dwarves like glumprongs for their living shadows.

The shadows twitch when you least expect it.
Crudely drawn by Zippy
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