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Cashew tree


Urist likes cashew trees for their fruit and nuts.

Wet Dry
Deciduous No
Density 450
Max trunk height 5
Max trunk diameter 1
Trunk branching 2
Heavy branch radius 1
Branch radius 2
Root radius 3
Heavy branch density 25
Branch density 50
Root density 5
Wood Cashew wood
Fruit Cashew apple
Fruit Properties
Edible Yes
Cookable Yes
Seed Properties
Edible No

Wikipedia article

This article is about the current version of DF.

Cashew is one of the many genera of trees found above ground. Like the vast majority of above ground trees, cashew wood is brown and produces brown products.

While the cashew apple can be harvested and eaten, the cashew leftover cannot currently be used.

Some dwarves like cashew trees for their fruit and nuts.

Admired for its fruit and nuts.