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This article is about the current version of DF.

Powder is any fine-grained loose material, including flour, dye, sugar, sand, and plaster. To be useful, powder must be stored in a bag; powder that has been dumped from a bag is not recoverable. Caravans will often have various powders available for trade, and further quantities can be requested from the outpost liaison.

Type Workshop Source Use / Industry
flour quern or Millstone a variety of Crops Food industry, used for cooking
sugar quern or Millstone sweet pods Food industry, used for cooking
dye quern or Millstone dimple cup, sliver barb, hide root, blade weed textile industry
sand Glassmaker sand bearing tile designated as sand gathering activity zone glass industry
plaster Kiln gypsum, alabaster, selenite, satinspar Healthcare casts to immobilize broken joints