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This article is about an older version of DF.
For the article on farming plants, see Farming. For the article on crops, see Crops.

A plant is a regrowing natural resource. In Dwarf Fortress, they can be separated into three categories, all of which have different properties and uses. In the context of the game, they also include fungi (such as plump helmets, dimple cups, and tower-caps), all of which are functionally identical to plants.

Not the inhaling type.

Major types of plants[edit]


Main article: Crop

Crops can be planted from seeds and grown in farms. There are above-ground as well as subterranean crops, both of which need soil or muddied rock to grow.


Main article: Shrub

Shrubs cannot be planted, and must be gathered from naturally-growing specimens.


Main article: Tree

Trees grow naturally in the environment and can be cut down to provide wood.

AcaciaAlderAshBirchCacao treeCandlenutCedarChestnutFeather treeGlumprongHighwoodKapokLarchMahoganyMango treeMangroveMapleOakPalmPineRubber treeSaguaroWillow