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Wet Dry
Deciduous No
Density 600
This article is about an older version of DF.

Tower-caps are a type of mushroom-like subterranean tree. Once fully grown, they can be designated for wood cutting and produce tower-cap logs. Tower-caps will grow only if you have discovered an underground river or underground pool. Such features can be located using the site finder and on the local view during embarkation, if the relevant init and world generation parameters are set.

In order to prevent a tower-cap from growing (which you will want to do to prevent tower caps from blocking drainage floodgates), you must lay down roads, construct floors or designate stockpiles.

As with normal trees, they take about 1 and a half years to fully grow.

Underground tree farms[edit]

  1. If an underground river or pool has been discovered, tower-caps will start spontaneously growing in muddied subterranean areas (rock or soil). Tower caps will also start growing in any subterranean soil, so long as that tile has either soil walls on the z-level directly beneath it (intact soil, not mined out), or there is a muddied tile within 2 tiles on the same z-level. Muddied soil has a denser production than dry soil. (Note: it is unconfirmed whether tower caps will appear throughout the map or only in the same biome that the underground water is in. See talk page for details.)
  2. This basically means that if the underground area is irrigated, there is a much better chance of getting tower caps to grow there.
  3. The distance or path to the underground river does not matter. Simply discovering an underground pool or river is enough. (does not work if you use reveal.exe)
  4. It is thus possible to make a (big) safe underground chamber where your dwarves may harvest wood without exposing themselves to the dangers of the surface world.
  5. Harvesting tower caps will anger the elves just like normal wood harvesting.

To design a tower-cap "farm", refer also to the irrigation article.

Beware that young tower caps, like young trees, are fragile and will be quickly killed if repeatedly walked upon.

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