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Vermin catcher's shop

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Vermin catcher's shop

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Job Requirement

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Materials Labors

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Materials Used

Captured Vermin

Goods Created

Tamed Vermin

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A Vermin Catcher's Shop, called Kennel before v50.01, is a large 5×5 workshop. To build a Vermin Catcher's you need one building material (wood, stone, metal bar) and a dwarf who has the animal training, small animal dissection and/or trapping skills enabled. Note that the labor associated with the skill "small animal dissection" is used solely at a butcher's shop (namely "Extract from a dead animal").

Vermin Catcher's Shop allow the capturing of small animals (vermin) with an animal trap, like a butcher's shop. The Vermin Catcher's Shop also allow animal trainers to tame these small animals.

Vermin Catcher's Shop tasks[edit]

Capture a live land animal[edit]

Requires: An animal trap and a trapper.

This task directs the trapper to attempt to capture vermin with the animal trap. The trapper will carry the animal trap around the fortress, chasing actual vermin creatures that exist in the fortress but are not rendered on the screen, and will catch one once it reaches it. Once the vermin creature is successfully caught, the trap will be dropped, and then hauled to an animal stockpile by anyone with the animal hauling labor. Any animal caught in a trap will be identified as "live": for example, a "live rat", a "live rhino lizard", or a "live caphopper". These animals can be eaten by any dwarves as a delicacy, or can be tamed for adoption using the task below.

Note that [GNAWER] vermin will quickly escape from non-artifact wooden animal traps after being caught, and also note that there is no way to enforce using only non-wooden traps to catch gnawers, other than ensuring that they are the only traps available. Wooden animal traps do work fine for non-gnawing vermin.

Tame a small animal[edit]

Requires: An animal trainer and trapped "live" vermin.

This task is used to tame caged vermin for adoption as pets; if a live vermin is not tamed as a pet, it may eventually be eaten by a dwarf as a form of exotic cuisine (even things that would make most people cringe, such as hamsters, lizards, and worms or, unfortunately enough, fairies or pixies). Vermin can only be tamed if they are in an animal trap and not a cage. If a vermin you want to train is in a cage, it can be unassigned from the cage, and a recapture task to put it back into an animal trap will be generated automatically.

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