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Job Requirement
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The Loom is used to turn threads* into cloth. The command to collect silk from spider webs is also set here.

(* Non-silk threads are created by plant processing in a Farmer's workshop.)



  • c Collect Webs
  • w Weave Cloth (Plant Thread)
  • s Weave Silk Cloth
  • y Weave Cloth (Wool/Hair Yarn)
  • a Weave Metal Cloth

Common uses[edit]

  • Turn thread into cloth for use in a Clothier's shop to make bags, clothes, etc. Every item of thread used produces one item of cloth.


  • The Loom's functions are automated by default, so any weavers will automatically collect spider webs and weave thread into cloth (if you have any). You can change this behavior in the "Labor" y menu → "Standing Orders" tab → "Automated Workshops" tab.
  • The automatic re-issuing of jobs takes some time, which can lead to unwelcome pauses when a large quantity of thread is to be woven. Setting the weaving jobs to repeat tries to keep the current weaver on the job without interruptions.
  • One loom only generates one "Collect silk" job, multiple looms let you harvest silk faster if you have enough dwarves with the weaving labor enabled and enough accessible webs.
  • There is no task that turns hair thread into usable cloth.
  • Generally, having automated web collection turned on while the caverns are open can be fatal for unprepared weavers. It is recommended to have this turned off or else some dwarves will be served a heap of !!FUN!!.

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