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Magma smelter

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Magma smelter

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A Magma smelter is a special variation of the basic smelter that uses magma as a source of heat, instead of fuel.

To function, magma smelters must be built with at least one of the eight edge tiles occupying an open space with at least 4/7 magma on the next floor down. This magma can be natural, or channeled from a larger source, or otherwise transported from another level to a trench designed to hold the magma.

Magma smelters do not consume any magma from their magma source - you can use a single tile of 4/7 (or deeper) magma below the smelter as an infinite heat source. Note that both pig iron and steel production still require either coke or charcoal as a part of the recipe, as a source of carbon for the reaction.

Creatures can climb up through the open tile that the building is built on, making them a potential entry point into your fortress. The smelter in older versions had an impassable tile that could be used to prevent this, but it has been removed as of v50.

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