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Fishery icon.png

Job Requirement

Fish cleaning

Materials Labors

1 of

Materials Used
Goods Created
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The fishery workshop handles the preparation of raw fish. This process yields prepared fish, turtles, and lobsters, and will additionally give shells in the case of turtles, oysters, and other shelled animals. It also allows the capture of live vermin fish using animal traps for the purpose of collecting extracts.



  • Process a Raw Fish
  • Extract from a Raw Fish
  • Capture a Live Fish


  • The preparation task is automated by default, a procedure that can be changed with y Labor, Standing orders, Automated workshops, Automatically clean fish/No automatic fish cleaning
  • Using the Capture Live Fish task when water sources are frozen results in a fisherdwarf (or any Noble who 'volunteers' to help the community by helping out the poor, poor, peasants) spending the season outside and holding the trap.
  • Without an available animal trap, the Capture Live Fish task will stop automated fish preparations.

Fishery drawing from the olden times.
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