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Job Requirement
Materials Labors
Materials Used
Goods Created
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For a fuel-less alternative, see magma smelter.

The Smelter is used to smelt ores and melt existing metal objects into metal bars. The smelter is also where lignite and bituminous coal are processed into coke. A dwarf must have the "Furnace Operator" labor enabled to use the smelter, and all smelter tasks require a bar of fuel.

If all options in a smelter are red, there are three possible scenarios to explain why:

  1. No fuel - find/buy coke or turn wood into charcoal at a wood furnace.
  2. The workshop is being specified as a "Give" destination from a stockpile that does not possess all of the necessary materials (including fuel).
  3. The smelter is located inside a burrow, one of the necessary materials (including fuel) is not available in the burrow, and that burrow has the "Limit workshops to burrow" option enabled.
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