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Leather works

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Leather works

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Leather works is a workshop which produces leather items out of tanned hides made at the tanner's shop. These items include armor, backpacks, waterskins, quivers for military dwarves, and clothes and bags for civilian use. Leather armor is typically less protective than metal armor, but is lighter and thus better for initial armor wearing training or for squads that require speed over defensive ability.

Decorating finished goods with leather is also done at this workshop.

Crafts made from leather are made at the craftsdwarf's workshop.

To create differently sized clothing or armor, request it to be made from the workshop as usual. Afterwards, go back to the main workshop menu and, by the magnifying glass icon, set the details of the issued job. Click specify size, search for a species (e.g. humans), and click their name in the list.

Oldest leather tannery on Earth.

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