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Bag sprite.png
Materials Workshops Labors
Used for
  • Storage
Value Size Capacity
10☼ 1,000 cm³ 60,000 cm³
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Bags are storage items that, like barrels and bins, conserve stockpile space by containing up to 100 seeds of the same type, as well as allowing for the collection and storage of quarry bush leaves and edible and inedible powders: flour, sugar, dye, gypsum plaster, quicklime, and sand. Bags can be made at a Clothier's shop out of 1 plant, silk, or yarn cloth; or they can be made at a Leather works out of 1 leather. They can also accept all types of decorations.

Bags containing plant-derived items and powders (seeds, quarry bush leaves, flour, sugar, and dye) are stored in Food stockpiles, and in fact cannot be prevented from being used there so long as the items contained in the bag are permitted. Dwarves will always store seeds in bags whenever possible. If the Food stockpile also allows barrels, then bags containing plant-derived items may then also be stored in barrels, saving even more space.

Empty bags and all other bags except sand bags are stored in Furniture stockpiles under Bags, with the material specified under Other materials (Leather, Plant cloth, Silk). Despite there being an entry for gypsum plaster under Stone/clay, this is ignored and gypsum plaster and quicklime bags will be stored along with your empty bags.

Sand bags have their own category in Furniture stockpiles, Sand bags, and do not require any material type to be selected.

Unlike in previous versions bags can no longer be constructed as storage furniture.

Bags take up 100 volume in storage (empty or full), and you can store 500 of them in a minecart.

A coin bag from the ancient times. Strangely, dwarves don't store coins in bags.
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  • Currently, bags are unable to reproduce due to being all-male. This may be a bug.

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