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Craftsdwarf's workshop

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Craftsdwarf's workshop

Shortcut: b-o-r

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The Craftsdwarf's workshop is used to make crafts of many different kinds and perform a few specialized jobs. It can be built from any construction material by a dwarf with the Bone Carving, Stonecrafting, or Woodcrafting labors enabled.

The craftsdwarf's workshop is the cornerstone of trade in Dwarf Fortress. All crafts can be traded for food, alcohol, weapons, and other goods. Many crafts can also be acquired by dwarves as personal items, displayed on pedestals, or used in activities like drinking, music, and play. Various goods, furniture and bolts can also be decorated with bone, pearl, horn, ivory, or shells to increase their value.

Other crafts are more directly useful to your fortress: tools such as large pots, jugs, and nest boxes can be created at this workshop. Large pots, particularly, can serve as a plentiful replacement for wooden barrels in most circumstances.

The craftsdwarf's workshop can also be used to create armor from bone or shell, make bolts from wood or bone, assemble rock short swords from obsidian and wood, and extract strands of adamantine for refinement.


Trees and the bones of butchered or slaughtered animals provide a plentiful and renewable source of material for ammunition. When making wood bolts, a single log produces a stack of 25 bolts. When making bone bolts, an entire stack of bones is brought to the workshop, and then one bone from that stack becomes a stack of 5 bolts.


Bone or shell armor, while vastly inferior to metal armor, is still better than nothing. Only 4 armor parts may be made from bone: leggings, greaves, gauntlets and helms. Only 3 parts may be made from shell: leggings, gauntlets and helms.

Making bone leggings or greaves requires 3 stack of bones, but it only consumes 1 bone from each stack. (You cannot use a stack of 3 bones instead. There must be 3 separate stacks.) Making bone gauntlets consumes 1 bone from 1 stack, and produces both a right and a left gauntlet. Making a bone helm consumes 1 bone from 1 stack.


  • Most crafting jobs require the respective labors, however; shell, ivory, tooth, horn, and pearl are all worked by Bone Carvers.
  • Metal crafts are made at a metalsmith's forge. You can, however, make crafts out of metal ores by enabling the appropriate nugget use in the z Stone menu. This will result in fewer crafts, but quality modifiers may offset the difference in value.
  • Other cloth and leather items are made at a clothier's shop or leather works, respectively.
  • Moody dwarves without a moodable skill will claim a craftsdwarf's workshop and produce a legendary stone, wood, or bone craft.
  • Multi-part Instruments can be assembled here (assumed that single-part bone/thread/stone instruments can as well) v0.42.01
  • Instrument pieces can be made here from bone, thread, and stone.v0.42.01
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