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Table Premium.png
Materials Workshops Labors
Base value Size
10☼ 30,000 cm³

A table is a piece of furniture necessary for dwarves to eat food in comfort. A table is also needed to define a dining room and serve as an operating surface in a hospital. Tables are also a component to build traction benches. Dwarves dislike eating at a chair without a table and can't share their table or chair with others.

Tables can be made from a wide variety of materials, including wood, stone, metal, and glass.

Dwarves primarily use tables to eat food, avoiding the negative thought for eating without a proper table. Since dwarves first try to sit down and only then check whether there's a table to put their food on, the proper placement of chairs is more important for proper dining. Tables without an adjacent chair will simply not be used for eating; if two tables are adjacent to a single chair, one will go unused. Chairs without adjacent tables, however, will cause unhappy thoughts whenever dwarves sit on them to eat, and a single table with two adjacent chairs can also lead to unhappy thoughts if two dwarves sit on the chairs: only one can put their food on the table, the other will have to eat from their lap and will complain about crowded tables.

An unassigned dining room designated from a table will be used by any dwarves without an assigned dining room, resulting in positive thoughts scaled to the quality of the dining room. Creating a high-value dining room is one of the easiest ways to give your dwarves a happy thought. Note, however, that dwarves with a table (or chair) in their quarters may opt to eat there instead, so it is generally best to only install tables in your nobles' quarters.

In a hospital zone, tables are used during surgery as an operating surface.

Tables are also used as an input, along with mechanism and ropes, at the Mechanic's workshop to make a traction bench. The quality of each component is not reflected in the quality of the traction bench, and only the material of the table is used as the material for the bench.

Tables can be created from one wood log at a Carpenter's workshop, one stone at a Mason's workshop, one bag of sand at a Glass furnace or three metal bars at a Metalsmith's forge.

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A noble might demand a glass table, so they can watch themselves while they are eating.

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