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Armor stand

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Armor Stand
Armor Stand premium.png
Materials Workshops Labors
Value Size Capacity
10☼ 10,000 cm³ 60,000 cm³

Armor stands are a type of furniture. Much like the weapon rack, the armor stand can be used inside a barracks. After being built (b-a), you may define the barracks dimensions (q-r, then +-). It can also be placed in a noble's room to fulfill their housing requirements.

When used in a barracks designated for individual and squad equipment, dwarves will prefer to store their armor on stands instead of stockpiles. Doing so in concert with weapon racks will allow you to create centralized armories for your military.

In tombs designated for nobles or military dwarves, armor stands will be used to store the deceased dwarf's armor.

Armor stands do not block movement.

Stefan Rormoser Armor for Field and Tilt 1554. There used to be a person inside it, maybe...

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