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This article is about buildable containers, for all types of containers see: storage.

Containers is a general term used for various types of similar items which are used for storage. Containers are named differently depending on what they are made of (see table, below), but they all fill the same function. They are a common requirement for nobles, and they are also good for increasing the value of a room. Each different type of container holds a varying number of items. Dwarves may walk through tiles with containers.

If a dwarf does not own a container in their bedroom, they will leave any possessions on the floor. Containers are also used in barracks to store squad equipment, taverns and temples to store musical instruments (and mugs for tavern keepers), and libraries to store blank writing materials such as quires. Note that a bookcase is needed for written materials.

Containers are listed under "tools" in some menus.

Container names by material type
Name Material Required materials
Box Glass 1 bag of sand (+ pearlash if crafting clear glass), or 1 uncut rock crystal gem + 1 pearlash
Coffer Stone 1 rock
Chest Wood, Metal 1 log or 3 bars of metal

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