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Slabs are buildings which serve primarily to commemorate the dead. Unlike coffins, slabs do not require any body part of the deceased to function, allowing you to prevent the appearance of ghosts of dwarves whose bodies are no longer recoverable. Engraved slab memorials are usually made for your fort's citizens, but can be made in remembrance of any historical figure which dies on your lands. If a ghost has appeared in a fortress, but a slab commemorating that deceased individual has been placed somewhere, the ghost's spirit will be calmed and disappear. When this happens, the following message appears:
Urist McGhost, Ghostly Cheesemaker has been put to rest.

A slab must first be constructed at a stoneworker's workshop (Alt+slab) from a single stone, and can then be turned into a memorial at a stoneworker's workshop (same workshop) by an engraver (using Alt+s:Engrave memorial slab). After it has been engraved, the slab may be built from the building menu under Alt+s. In order to prevent placing slabs which have not yet been engraved, make sure to expand the list when selecting which slab should be placed.

You can use an engraved slab to create a memorial hall from the slab's q menu. This is functionally identical to a sculpture garden. Engraved slabs can be read in fortress mode using tEnterv, revealing information on the arrival and death of the creature. If the subject slew any important figures or fortress dwarves, this may also be noted on the slab. If you're not sure how a dwarf or creature died, engraving a slab in their memory may reveal the killer.

Slabs, whether blank or engraved, can also be built solely to increase a room's value. They aren't terribly valuable, but don't block movement.

Dwarf head pixel.png  This article or section contains minor spoilers. You may want to avoid reading it.

Artifact slabs can be found in vaults throughout the world. Although extremely well-guarded, your dwarves can perform raid missions to capture them and bring them back to your fortress.

Adventurer mode[edit]

In adventurer mode, slabs are occasionally used as signs. They also appear in two particularly interesting places. If you manage to infiltrate or conquer a necromancer's tower, you may find an engraved slab which contains the secrets of life and death. To read this, you need to pick it up with g, enter advanced interaction menu with Shift+I, select the slab, select a to read it, and voila! You can now raise the dead too. Basic reading skills are required to do this, so make sure to start your adventurer with some reading skill.

A slab is also found in the bottom of sealed vaults, which contains a different kind of secret. See the Vault article for further details.

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