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10☼ 3,000 cm³ 6,000 cm³
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A range of old buckets.

Buckets are handheld vessels made of wood at a carpenter's workshop or metal at a metalsmith's forge or magma forge.

They are used for carrying water, filling designated ponds, making lye, milking animals, cleaning wounded dwarves, and giving water to thirsty dwarves who are wounded or busy. Milk and lye can also be stored in buckets, but dwarves will prefer to empty the buckets into suitable barrels. A bucket is also needed for the construction of a well, soap maker's workshop, ashery, or dyer's shop.

Buckets of all types are stored in furniture stockpiles.

Metal buckets are one of the few objects made with blacksmithing that uses 1 bar, with blocks being the other. This makes them useful for training blacksmiths, as the buckets can be melted down for a single bar, and training can occur even when metals are scarce.

In temperatures below freezing, such as within glacier layers, water will freeze inside buckets, rendering them unusable (and disabling wells, which will show a "bucket full" message). To avoid that, build wells and hospitals (the main destination of water) down below the glacial ice, in its earthen layers. To recover a frozen bucket, dump the ice within it.

In order to empty a filled bucket at a specific location, one can construct and place a display furniture at the desired location. Then, assign the desired liquid(s) to this display and deconstruct the furniture. The liquid spills on the ground upon deconstruction.


Sometimes, rather than acquiring menacing spikes, hanging rings, bands, encrustation or an image, a bucket will instead gain a material for its handle when decorated.

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