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This article is about the current version of DF.
Note that some content may still need to be updated.

The building menu, now with a mouse interface!

The Building menu can be accessed from the main menu by pressing the Ui b.pngb key. This allows your dwarves to build anything listed within the menu, provided you have access to the proper materials. This list also contains several sub-menus which expand to show further building options.

Any item within this list, once built, can then be interacted with by clicking on it. All buildings can be disassembled into their original parts and removed by clicking on them, then clicking on the button near the top-right of the pop-up that shows a house that is crossed out. The same pop-up window gives you all of the building's details, and allows you to look at the items currently stored within an individual building as well as which items were used to construct that particular building.

The exception to this rule are items located under the Ui b.pngb-Ui bn.pngn Constructions sub-menu. These items are considered constructions, and as such, have no interactions available. These items are removed using the Ui m.pngm-Ui mx.pngx Remove Construction option in the mining menu. For more detail on how buildings and constructions interact, please see the Construction article.

Graphically, each building's color palette will match that of the material used to construct the building. For example, a workshop made of copper will appear as a reddish-brown, a kiln made from adamantine will appear as light blue, etc.

List of buildings[edit]

Building Hotkey
Workshops Ui b.pngb-Ui bo.pngo
Clothing and leather Ui b.pngb-Ui bo.pngo-Ui bol.pngl
Leather Ui b.pngb-Ui bo.pngo-Ui bol.pngl-Ui boll.pngl
Loom Ui b.pngb-Ui bo.pngo-Ui bol.pngl-Ui bolo.pngo
Clothes Ui b.pngb-Ui bo.pngo-Ui bol.pngl-Ui bolk.pngk
Dyer Ui b.pngb-Ui bo.pngo-Ui bol.pngl-Ui boly.pngy
Farming Ui b.pngb-Ui bo.pngo-Ui bof.pngf
Farm plot Ui b.pngb-Ui bo.pngo-Ui bof.pngf-Ui bofp.pngp
Still Ui b.pngb-Ui bo.pngo-Ui bof.pngf-Ui bofl.pngl
Butcher Ui b.pngb-Ui bo.pngo-Ui bof.pngf-Ui bofb.pngb
Tanner Ui b.pngb-Ui bo.pngo-Ui bof.pngf-Ui boft.pngt
Fishery Ui b.pngb-Ui bo.pngo-Ui bof.pngf-Ui bofy.pngy
Kitchen Ui b.pngb-Ui bo.pngo-Ui bof.pngf-Ui bofk.pngk
Farmer Ui b.pngb-Ui bo.pngo-Ui bof.pngf-Ui boff.pngf
Quern Ui b.pngb-Ui bo.pngo-Ui bof.pngf-Ui bofq.pngq
Vermin Catcher's Shop Ui b.pngb-Ui bo.pngo-Ui bof.pngf-Ui bofv.pngv
Nest box Ui b.pngb-Ui bo.pngo-Ui bof.pngf-Ui bofn.pngn
Hive Ui b.pngb-Ui bo.pngo-Ui bof.pngf-Ui bofh.pngh
Furnaces Ui b.pngb-Ui bo.pngo-Ui bou.pngu
Glass furnace Ui b.pngb-Ui bo.pngo-Ui bou.pngu-Ui boug.pngg
Kiln Ui b.pngb-Ui bo.pngo-Ui bou.pngu-Ui bouk.pngk
Magma glass furnace Ui b.pngb-Ui bo.pngo-Ui bou.pngu-Ui bouG.pngG
Magma kiln Ui b.pngb-Ui bo.pngo-Ui bou.pngu-Ui bouK.pngK
Magma smelter Ui b.pngb-Ui bo.pngo-Ui bou.pngu-Ui bouL.pngL
Smelter Ui b.pngb-Ui bo.pngo-Ui bou.pngu-Ui boul.pngl
Wood furnace Ui b.pngb-Ui bo.pngo-Ui bou.pngu-Ui bouf.pngf
Ashery Ui b.pngb-Ui bo.pngo-Ui boy.pngy
Bowyer Ui b.pngb-Ui bo.pngo-Ui bob.pngb
Carpenter Ui b.pngb-Ui bo.pngo-Ui bop.pngp
Crafts Ui b.pngb-Ui bo.pngo-Ui bor.pngr
Jeweler Ui b.pngb-Ui bo.pngo-Ui boj.pngj
Magma Forge Ui b.pngb-Ui bo.pngo-Ui boI.pngI
Mechanic Ui b.pngb-Ui bo.pngo-Ui boh.pngh
Metalsmith Ui b.pngb-Ui bo.pngo-Ui boi.pngi
Screw press Ui b.pngb-Ui bo.pngo-Ui boR.pngR
Siege Ui b.pngb-Ui bo.pngo-Ui bog.pngg
Soap Maker's Workshop Ui b.pngb-Ui bo.pngo-Ui boP.pngP
Stoneworker Ui b.pngb-Ui bo.pngo-Ui bot.pngt
Furniture Ui b.pngb-Ui bf.pngf
Bed Ui b.pngb-Ui bf.pngf-Ui bfb.pngb
Chair Ui b.pngb-Ui bf.pngf-Ui bfr.pngr
Table Ui b.pngb-Ui bf.pngf-Ui bft.pngt
Chest Ui b.pngb-Ui bf.pngf-Ui bfh.pngh
Cabinet Ui b.pngb-Ui bf.pngf-Ui bfn.pngn
Burial Ui b.pngb-Ui bf.pngf-Ui bfx.pngx
Slab Ui b.pngb-Ui bf.pngf-Ui bfl.pngl
Statue Ui b.pngb-Ui bf.pngf-Ui bfu.pngu
Traction bench Ui b.pngb-Ui bf.pngf-Ui bfT.pngT
Bookcase Ui b.pngb-Ui bf.pngf-Ui bfo.pngo
Display Ui b.pngb-Ui bf.pngf-Ui bfy.pngy
Offering place Ui b.pngb-Ui bf.pngf-Ui bfp.pngp
Instruments Ui b.pngb-Ui bf.pngf-Ui bfi.pngi
Doors/hatches Ui b.pngb-Ui bp.pngp
Door Ui b.pngb-Ui bp.pngp-Ui bpr.pngr
Floor hatch Ui b.pngb-Ui bp.pngp-Ui bph.pngh
Constructions Ui b.pngb-Ui bn.pngn
Wall Ui b.pngb-Ui bn.pngn-Ui bnl.pngl
Floor Ui b.pngb-Ui bn.pngn-Ui bnf.pngf
Ramp Ui b.pngb-Ui bn.pngn-Ui bnr.pngr
Stairs Ui b.pngb-Ui bn.pngn-Ui bnt.pngt
Bridge Ui b.pngb-Ui bn.pngn-Ui bnb.pngb
Paved road Ui b.pngb-Ui bn.pngn-Ui bno.pngo
Dirt road Ui b.pngb-Ui bn.pngn-Ui bnO.pngO
Fortification Ui b.pngb-Ui bn.pngn-Ui bnF.pngF
Wall grate Ui b.pngb-Ui bn.pngn-Ui bnG.pngG
Floor grate Ui b.pngb-Ui bn.pngn-Ui bng.pngg
Vertical bars Ui b.pngb-Ui bn.pngn-Ui bnM.pngM
Floor bars Ui b.pngb-Ui bn.pngn-Ui bnm.pngm
Glass window Ui b.pngb-Ui bn.pngn-Ui bny.pngy
Gem window Ui b.pngb-Ui bn.pngn-Ui bnY.pngY
Support Ui b.pngb-Ui bn.pngn-Ui bnp.pngp
Track Ui b.pngb-Ui bn.pngn-Ui bnk.pngk
Track stop Ui b.pngb-Ui bn.pngn-Ui bnK.pngK
Machines and Fluids Ui b.pngb-Ui bm.pngm
Lever Ui b.pngb-Ui bm.pngm-Ui bml.pngl
Well Ui b.pngb-Ui bm.pngm-Ui bmL.pngL
Floodgate Ui b.pngb-Ui bm.pngm-Ui bmf.pngf
Screw pump Ui b.pngb-Ui bm.pngm-Ui bmp.pngp
Water wheel Ui b.pngb-Ui bm.pngm-Ui bmh.pngh
Windmill Ui b.pngb-Ui bm.pngm-Ui bmm.pngm
Gear assembly Ui b.pngb-Ui bm.pngm-Ui bmg.pngg
Horizontal Axle Ui b.pngb-Ui bm.pngm-Ui bma.pnga
Vertical axle Ui b.pngb-Ui bm.pngm-Ui bmA.pngA
Millstone Ui b.pngb-Ui bm.pngm-Ui bmn.pngn
Rollers Ui b.pngb-Ui bm.pngm-Ui bmr.pngr
Cages/restraints Ui b.pngb-Ui br.pngr
Rope/chain Ui b.pngb-Ui br.pngr-Ui brh.pngh
Cage Ui b.pngb-Ui br.pngr-Ui brg.pngg
Animal trap Ui b.pngb-Ui br.pngr-Ui brt.pngt
Traps Ui b.pngb-Ui bt.pngt
Pressure plate Ui b.pngb-Ui bt.pngt-Ui btp.pngp
Stone-fall Ui b.pngb-Ui bt.pngt-Ui btt.pngt
Weapon Ui b.pngb-Ui bt.pngt-Ui bto.pngo
Cage Ui b.pngb-Ui bt.pngt-Ui btg.pngg
Upright weapon/spike Ui b.pngb-Ui bt.pngt-Ui btu.pngu
Military Ui b.pngb-Ui by.pngy
Archery target Ui b.pngb-Ui by.pngy-Ui byt.pngt
Weapon rack Ui b.pngb-Ui by.pngy-Ui byr.pngr
Armor stand Ui b.pngb-Ui by.pngy-Ui byn.pngn
Ballista Ui b.pngb-Ui by.pngy-Ui byb.pngb
Catapult Ui b.pngb-Ui by.pngy-Ui byp.pngp
Trade depot Ui b.pngb-Ui bT.pngT


  • When a building gets designated for construction, the items designated to be used in the construction will be reserved for that building, meaning that other dwarves will not use that specific item for something else.
  • A Stockpile is considered a building for the purposes of construction. A stockpile must be removed or repainted to allow the construction of things such as floors, stairs, and workshops.

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