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40d:Item value

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This article is about an older version of DF.

Value is determined by the base value of the object with multipliers for the material it is made out of, the quality of its creation, and any decorations on it.

The final value of an item multiplies the base value of the form of the object (a stone, a statue) by the material multiplier (granite, gold), and by the quality modifier (fine, masterful) if any, and then adding any final value for decorations.

Rooms also have a "value" which determines their quality, which is the sum of the objects placed within their designated area plus the materials that surround it plus improvements (such as engraving) to those materials. See room for a more complete discussion of these values, and How do I increase the value of a room for a complete list of options.

Base values of items[edit]

The base value of an item is determined by the item itself, not what it is made out of. For example, a wood block uses the base value for a block, not the multiplier for 'wooden', and a block of gold ore or any other material would use the same base value, for a "block". In both cases, the final value is then multiplied by the material and/or the quality multiplier(s), if appropriate.

Items with neither material nor quality[edit]

Value Items
1 Gutter cruor, Prickle berry wine, Seed, Sewer brew, Swamp whiskey
2 Dwarven ale, Dwarven beer, Dwarven rum, Dwarven wine, Fisher berry wine, Longland beer, River spirits, Strawberry wine, Tuber beer
3 Whip wine
5 Lye, Quarry bush leaf, Sand, Sunshine
10 Redroot dye
20 Cave spider venom, Cow's milk, Dimple dye, Dwarven sugar, Dwarven syrup, Dwarven wheat flour, Emerald dye, Longland flour, One-humped camel's milk, Phantom spider venom, Sliver dye, Two-humped camel's milk
25 Whip vine flour
30 Cow cheese, One-humped camel's cheese, Two-humped camel's cheese
50 Dwarven milk, Mog juice
100 Dwarven cheese, Giant cave spider venom, Giant desert scorpion venom, Golden salve, Gnomeblight, Liquid fire, Snakeman venom

The values of tame animals (and pets) are listed here.

Items with material but without quality[edit]

Value Items
0 Body part, Bone, Chunk, Corpse, Fat, Hide (raw), Shell, Skull
1 Vermin (untamed), Tallow
2 Fish (including raw), Meat, Plant
3 Gem (rough), Log, Ore, Stone (both economic and non-economic)
5 Bar, Block, Gem (cut), Leather
6 Thread
10 Coin
25 Soap

Items with both material and quality[edit]

Value Items
1 Arrow, Blowdart, Bolt
7 Cloth[4]
10 Animal trap, Buckler, Cage, Cap (metal, leather or cloth), Decoration[1], Finished good[2][4], Furniture[3], Prepared meal, Trap component, Weapon
15 Boot, Gauntlet, Helm, Leggings, Shield, Shoe[4], Sock[4]
20 Ballista arrow, Leather armor
25 Statue, Window
30 Ballista part, Catapult part, Greaves, Mechanism
60 Chain mail
100 Anvil, Plate mail
[1] "Decorations" include "It is decorated with <material>", "It is encircled with bands of <material>", "It is adorned with hanging rings of <material>", "This object menaces with spikes of <material>", "On this object is an image of <description> in <material>", "It is studded with <metal>". See also the section about decorations.
[2] Except for armor pieces, shoes, and socks, which are all listed separately in table. "Finished goods", therefore, includes amulet, backpack, bracelet, chain, clothing, crown, cup, drum, earring, flask, flute, goblet, harp, idol, large gem, mini-forge, mug, piccolo, puzzlebox, quiver, ring, rope, scepter, skull totem, toy axe, toy boat, toy hammer, trumpet, vial, and waterskin.
[3] Except for anvil, ballista part, catapult part, mechanism, statue, and window, which are listed separately.
[4] Cloth items get a free decoration made of the same material. Goods made out of cloth get the following built in as decorations: the cloth (with quality mod), the thread (without quality), and the dye (with quality).

Material multipliers[edit]

The material multiplier of an item is found from what it is made out of. For example, a wood block uses the same multiplier as a log or chest - that for wood. Oddly, burned wood is no longer considered wooden, but has other modifiers.


Item value is further increased by applying the quality modifier.

Designation Description Value
 Item Name —     ×1 
-Item Name- Well-crafted ×2 
+Item Name+ Finely-crafted ×3 
*Item Name* Superior quality ×4 
≡Item Name≡ Exceptional ×5 
☼Item Name☼ Masterful ×12 
Unique Name Artifact ×120 


Your craftsdwarves can add decorations to your objects. This increases their value. The base value of a decoration is 10. This is multiplied with the material the decoration is made of and the quality of the decoration, and added to the value of the item. For example, a gold stud would be worth 10 (base value for the decoration) times 30 (material multiplier for gold) =300☼. A finely crafted gold stud would be 3*10*30=900☼.

Engravings are decorations with the standard material modifiers.

Note that some races have additional modifiers that cause them to prefer certain types of decorations over others. For example, Dwarves prefer encircled bands and menacing spikes over hanging rings, while Elves perceive menacing spikes as completely worthless.


Value gained by dyeing is added, like that of decorations. Only thread, cloth and its products can be dyed. For details see Dye.


Basic examples[edit]

Base Object Material Quality Final Value
Anvil (100) Steel (x30) +Item+ (x3) 9000☼
Door (10) Obsidian (x3) None (x1) 30☼
Block (5) Wood (x1) None (x1) 5☼
Goblet (10) Lead (x2) -Item- (x2) 40☼
Goblet (10) Aluminum (x40) ☼Item☼ (x12) 4800☼

+«+Pig tail shoe+»+[edit]

This is a finely-crafted Pig tail shoe. It is made from well-crafted Pig tail cloth. The thread is midnight blue, finely colored with Dimple dye. On the item is a finely-designed image of squares in Pig tail by Urvad Zonilash. It is made from superior quality Pig tail cloth. The thread is midnight blue, finely colored with Dimple dye.
Base item Material Quality Subtotal
15 (shoe) x2 (pig tail) x3 (fine quality) = 90
10 (cloth decoration) x2 (pig tail) x2 (well-crafted quality) = 40
10 (thread decoration) x2 (pig tail) = 20
20 (dimple dye) x3 (fine quality) = 60
10 (image decoration) x2 (pig tail) x3 (fine quality) = 60
20 (dimple dye) x3 (fine quality) = 60

Total: 330☼