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Wikipedia article

This article is about an older version of DF.

Obsidian is one of the types of stone* that forms entire layers. Obsidian is typically present in large quantities on maps with magma pools or magma pipes. It is always found surrounding these features, varying between 2-5 tiles thick, on every layer of the magma plus often above and below.

(* technically volcanic glass in RL.)

Obsidian is considered an economic stone and, with a material value of 3, is 50% more valuable than flux (material value 2) and triple the value of average stone (material value 1), yielding the highest-value stone furniture and finished goods. In order to use it for anything other than weapons, it needs to be turned on (to green) on the stone management portion of the z-status screen via (z, stone).

Obsidian is the only stone that can be used to make short swords (which also requires a wood log) at a craftsdwarf's workshop using the stonecrafter skill. The damage of an obsidian weapon is the same as for a steel weapon of the same quality.

Other sources of obsidian[edit]

Obsidian is produced whenever magma and water are mixed, which is done intentionally in dwarven obsidian farming. Also, goblin towers are made of obsidian and can be mined to produce large quantities of it. Lastly, Magma men become a single, usable obsidian stone when killed.

"Obsidian" is the also name of the twelfth month of the dwarven calendar, covering late Winter.