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40d:Finished goods

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This article is about an older version of DF.

Finished Goods are a number of products produced mostly by craftsdwarfs and the like, such as leatherworkers, clothiers, stonecrafters, etc.. These items are crafts, instruments, mugs, toys, and clothes (note: this is not a complete list).

Finished goods are typically useful as export items. However, clothes are important for your dwarves after the second year, when the clothes they brought with them have been quite worn out.

All finished goods go into a finished goods stockpile.

Should you have a Bin available, the goods will be stacked into the Bin, if the stockpile settings allow Bins to be used. When Finished Goods are in a Bin, the Bin can easily be moved to a trade depot instead of individual items, making hauling goods far faster and more efficient.