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Tamed Attributes
Pet value 500

· Breeding

Not hunting/war trainable

Adult at: 10
Max age: 50-70
Butchering returns

(Value multiplier ×3)

Bones 16
Chunks 16
Meat 16
Fat 10
Skulls 1
Skin Leather

Wikipedia article

This article is about an older version of DF.

Elephants are large peaceful creatures who wander in any tropical forest and in tropical shrublands.

Killing an elephant will yield 16 edible portions of meat and 10 portions of fat.

Elephants can be tamed but cannot be trained -- the only "war animals" presently available in the game are dogs. Elephants maintain their previous behaviors-- they run from or ignore threats unless attacked.

Uses for elephants[edit]

Having swarms of wild elephants outside your fortress can be a good thing. Marksdwarfs receive a load of experience for hitting an elephant with a bolt, usually bumping their marksdwarf skill a few levels before killing one. Traders will pay a LOT for even an untamed elephant, so they make good trade items. Elephant produce a stack of 16 bones when butchered, and these can be used to make a stack of 80 bone bolts, meaning your marksdwarfs will have plenty of shots before needing to gather more ammo. If you modify your game files to make elephants trainable, War Elephants can form a terrifying assault force.

In prior versions[edit]

Elephants used to be the most feared and revered animal in the history of DF, their brutality unmatched. One good example of this was Boatmurdered; packs of elephants would suddenly attack and eat dwarves. Such was their brutality that they were named the king of all beasts, and an undead elephant was a symbol in itself in dwarven culture and society to mean brutality, terror, death and destruction.

In more recent versions ( onward) elephants' aggressiveness has been toned down, though Unicorns, carp, and giant eagles have been more than willing to pick up the slack.

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