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This article is about an older version of DF.
(For the activity, see fishing)

Although there is no exact game definition of fish, for simplicity anything that may be fished is categorized as "a fish" in this wiki, including turtles and cave lobsters. Technically, the game treats these as vermin, but unlike true vermin they are a welcome food source, and are not hunted by cats (unless they are in suitably shallow water), but must be caught by fisherdwarfs with the fishing labor enabled. However, as with all vermin, they appear spontaneously (aka "spawn") in any natural water environment and most artificially constructed ones.

(The z-status' stocks screen defines certain (dead) creatures as fish/raw fish. These are subject to rotting/wear).

Certain larger species are also typically defined as fish even though they are treated as regular creatures by the game, for instance carp and Longnose gar, among others. These larger fish may not be caught by fisherdwarves, but must be killed in combat. They can also be air-drowned by reducing the water they are in to 4/7 or less, like all fish. These aquatic monsters can interrupt dwarves' activities and will gladly attack and kill given half a chance. In evil biomes, they can come in skeletal and zombie varieties (which can move on land, among other fun surprises).

Olms are the only water vermin that cannot be fished.

If eaten uncooked fish will leave a bone unless noted otherwise below.[Verify]

While some vermin fish move across the map in small packs due to the [CLUSTER_NUMBER] creature token, others such as shad have been observed to migrate biannually in 'salmon runs,' filling an entire river with many fish on each tile. This is caused by a combination of the [CLUSTER_NUMBER:1:10] creature token and the [BIOME:OCEAN_TEMPERATE] and [BIOME:RIVER_TEMPERATE_*] biome tokens.

List of catchable fish[edit]

Name Tile Biome Notes
Turtle Any pool Amphibious, pet value 10, has shell
Moghopper Savage pool Amphibious, pet value 20, summer only, extract is mog juice
Mussel m Any ocean, lake, and river Cookable live, no bones
Oyster o Any ocean Cookable live, no bones
Salmon α Temperate ocean and river Migratory
Clownfish α Tropical ocean
Hagfish ~ Temperate and arctic ocean
Brook lamprey ~ Temperate ocean and river
Bat ray ò Temperate and tropical ocean
Thornback ray ò Tropical ocean
Spotted ratfish α Temperate ocean
Herring α Temperate and arctic ocean Wielded to cut down trees
Shad α Temperate ocean and river, arctic ocean Migratory
Anchovy α Temperate ocean
Steelhead trout α Temperate ocean and river, arctic ocean Migratory
Hake α Temperate and arctic ocean
Seahorse α Temperate and tropical ocean
Glasseye α Tropical ocean
White-spotted puffer α Tropical ocean
Sole α Tropical ocean
Flounder α Temperate ocean
Mackerel α Temperate and arctic ocean
Sea nettle jellyfish Ω Tropical ocean
Lungfish α Tropical pool, lake, and river Amphibious
Clown loach α Tropical freshwater lake and river
Brown bullhead α Temperate freshwater lake
Yellow bullhead α Temperate freshwater lake
Black bullhead α Temperate freshwater lake
Banded knifefish α Tropical freshwater lake and river
Char α Temperate freshwater lake and river
Rainbow trout α Temperate freshwater lake and river
Sailfin molly α Temperate lake and river
Guppy α Tropical lake and river
Perch α Temperate freshwater lake and river
Cave fish α Subterranean water Value 2
Cave lobster ¥ Subterranean water Value 2; has shell, cookable live, no bones

List of large fish[edit]


River and lake[edit]

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