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This article is about an older version of DF.

Bronze is a manufactured metal that does not occur naturally. Bronze bars can be used to make reasonable weapons and armor that are 75% effective compared to iron. Bronze can also be used to make furniture and other objects at a metalsmith's forge.

Bronze cannot be smelted from a single ore; it must be smelted using one of the following recipes:

Bronze has a value of 5 and uses the same ingredients as fine pewter (which also has a value of 5). If you find yourself short of tin, use this metal to make your objects of art instead of using fine pewter.

Another advantage of bronze is that, from ores, it only requires 1 fuel to smelt 2 bars of bronze. This is the best fuel:product ratio of any weapon-grade metal in the game*. This can be key in the early game, or on fuel-scarce maps, and/or if time is a critical factor.

(* of silver, copper, bronze, bismuth bronze, iron or steel.)

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