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This article is about an older version of DF.

Copper is a metal used in a large number of alloys. It is also one of the least valuable of the metals. Weapons made out of it do mediocre damage (66%) compared to Iron; similarly, armors have mediocre defense (66%). It may be best to use copper to smelt more valuable alloys rather than making weapons and armors. Of course if you don't have wide access to better metals, copper is still a fine metal to use. Copper weapons are the next best training weapons if you don't have access to silver and can't trade with the elves for wooden weapons.

Copper is smelted (at a Smelter) from Native Copper, Malachite, or Tetrahedrite.

Copper can be used for minting at a metalsmith's forge, creating coins. Minted copper coins are then used in the economy system. Using coins as trade good is not advisable as they have no quality levels.

Copper may be combined with other metals at a smelter. The following is a list of recipes involving copper:

Copper alloy material value[edit]

When mixed with other metals to form an alloy, the resulting material has the following material value multiplier; since copper has a MVM of 2, this is an overall gain, as the total number of bars of material used equals the number created: