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This article is about an older version of DF.

Tame is a designation given to animals and vermin. Tame animals can be taken as pets and will not attack dwarves, except if they tasted dwarf blood in the past; in that case they will stay dangerous even if they are tamed.

Taming a wild animal requires a kennel, and uses the animal trainer skill. Tame dogs can be further trained into hunting or war dogs.

Taming exotic animals requires having the Dungeon master noble settled.

Tame animals that are not already pets are treated as livestock, and you can ready them for slaughter (at the butcher's shop) on the z-status-animals screen. If a tame animal dies by any means other than slaughtering at a butcher's shop, it cannot be butchered; its meat and skin can not be salvaged. Once its corpse rots away, its bones and skull can be used to make objects.

Tame animals like to hang out in meeting area zones and rooms.

If a meeting zone is designated, sometimes Tame animals will stay there forever, refusing to leave even if they are starving. This can be negated by removing the meeting zone.


These are the prices you pay when you trade for caged tame animals and the amounts dwarves have to spend to claim pets after the dwarven economy has started. An animal's value as a pet is independent of its material multiplier.

Pet value Pet name
10000 Dragon, Hydra
2500 Giant cave spider, Giant desert scorpion
1000 Basking shark, Whale, Whale shark
750 Cave crocodile, Giant bat, Giant olm, Giant toad, Polar bear
700 Giant cave swallow, Giant eagle, Saltwater crocodile
650 Alligator
500 Bilou, Black-crested gibbon, Black-handed gibbon, Bonobo, Bull shark, Chimpanzee, Elephant, Frill shark, Giant rat, Gorilla, Gray gibbon, Great white shark, Grizzly bear, Hammerhead shark, Longfin mako shark, Manta ray, Marlin, Ocean sunfish, One-humped camel, Orangutan, Pileated gibbon, Shortfin mako shark, Siamang, Silvery gibbon, Swordfish, Tiger shark, Two-humped camel, White-browed gibbon, White-handed gibbon
400 Blue shark, Conger eel, Hippo, Walrus
350 Naked mole dog, Giant mole
300 Black bear, Cow, Muskox, Nurse shark, Sturgeon
250 Large rat
200 Angelshark, Blacktip reef shark, Bluefin tuna, Bluefish, Cheetah, Cod, Coelacanth, Common skate, Donkey, Giant cheetah, Giant grouper, Giant lion, Giant tiger, Great barracuda, Halibut, Horse, Lion, Longnose gar, Mule, Opah, Pike, Sea lamprey, Spiny dogfish, Spotted wobbegong, Stingray, Tiger, Tigerfish, Whitetip reef shark
100 Cougar, Elk, Fox squirrel, Giant jaguar, Giant leopard, Jaguar, Knuckle worm, Leopard, Warthog
50 Carp, Deer, Gazelle, Groundhog, Hoary marmot, Mandrill, Milkfish, Mountain goat, Rhesus macaque, Wolf
30 Bat, Blue jay, Cardinal, Cave swallow, Dog, Grackle, Oriole, Red-winged blackbird
25 Fox, Raccoon
20 Cat, Demon rat, Fluffy wambler, Moghopper, Two-legged rhino lizard
10 Chipmunk, Gray squirrel, Hedgehog, Lizard, Rat, Red squirrel, Toad, Turtle
5 Large roach
1 Cave spider, Fire snake, Gremlin, Olm, Phantom spider, Purring maggot

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