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This article is about an older version of DF.

A Kennel is a large 5x5 workshop for an animal trainer. To build a kennel you need one building material (wood, stone, metal bar) and a dwarf who has the animal training, small animal dissection and/or trapping skills enabled.

(Note that the labor associated with the skill "small animal dissection" (namely "Extract from a dead animal") is used solely at a butcher's shop. But that skill is one of the three that can build a kennel, and is listed as such. Just accept it.)

Training animals and taming vermin will automatically select an appropriate creature, while taming a caged wild animal will allow you to choose exactly which animal you wish to tame.

While the kennel's menu only offers the option 'train a war dog', in fact a wide range of animals can be trained. Also note that the queued task indeed is named 'train war animal'. The same goes for 'train a hunting dog'.

Kennel Tasks[edit]

Train a Hunting Dog[edit]

Requires: An uncaged tame animal with [TRAINABLE] or [TRAINABLE_HUNTING] and an animal trainer. Note that an animal that is in a pasture can only be trained if the kennel is also in the same pasture.

Hunting animals can be assigned (v-select dwarf-p-e) to follow a hunter and assist in the hunting process. They are faster and more agile than a regular tamed animal, but not as strong as a war animal and cannot be unassigned.

Although the Kennel lists the job as "Train a Hunting Dog", it becomes "Train Hunting Animal" once added and can train any permitted creature - see below for a complete list.

Train a War Dog[edit]

Requires: An uncaged tame animal with [TRAINABLE] (or [TRAINABLE_WAR], although no such animals exist) and an animal trainer. Pastured animals can only be trained if Kennel is located within their pasture.

A war animal is stronger than its untrained counterpart. War dogs make excellent companions when starting a fortress, when you can't spare many dwarves for fighting.

Although the Kennel lists the job as "Train a War Dog", it becomes "Train War Animal" once added and can train any permitted creature - see below for a complete list.

Capture a Live Land Animal[edit]

Requires: An animal trap and a trapper.

Direct animal trappers to attempt to capture vermin in an animal trap. The trapper will carry an animal trap around the fortress and look for vermin to pounce on; then the trap will be hauled to an animal stockpile. Vermin caught through this job can be eaten or transferred to cages; they can be tamed now.

Tame a Small Animal[edit]

Requires: An animal trainer and trapped vermin.

This is used to tame vermin for adoption as pets or eaten if left alone.

Tame a Large Animal[edit]

Requires: A caged wild animal, an appropriate piece of food, and an animal trainer.

The animal trainer uses the food to tame wild animals not already domesticated, such as those caught in cage traps. Some creatures cannot be tamed until the dungeon master arrives. The dungeon master's [TRAIN_EXOTICS] tag is currently non-functional, so you will never be able to tame animals with the [PET_EXOTIC] tag. This may be worked around by editing the raws to make all [PET_EXOTIC] animals [PET] animals.

Unlike other tasks, large animal taming allows you to select the exact creature you wish to tame. Putting the task on repeat is mostly useless, as it will simply result in the same creature being re-tamed over and over, wasting food and potentially filling the cage with seeds, though it does provide a way to increase Animal Trainer experience with a limited supply of caged animals.

Animals that are fed with food that leaves seeds will need to have the seeds dumped to allow the cage to be re-used in a cage trap. First look at the cage in your Animal stockpile, then highlight the seed and press Enter to look at the seed, then press d to dump the seed. Cages are only re-used for cage traps when truly empty.

Trainable animals[edit]

The following creatures can be trained into war animals or hunting animals:

Animal Size Notes
Dog 30,000 † ♪
Mandrill 20,000 ☼ †
Gorilla 150,000 ☼ †
Grizzly bear 200,000
Polar bear 400,000
Gigantic panda 1,160,900
Elephant 5,000,000
Rhinoceros 3,000,000
Giant bat 200,000 ♪ Hunting only
Giant cave swallow 200,000 ♪ Hunting only
Giant eagle 200,000 ☼ ♪
Cheetah 50,000
Leopard 50,000
Jaguar 75,000
Lion 200,000 † ♪
Tiger 225,000 † ♪
Giant cheetah 560,000
Giant leopard 560,000
Giant jaguar 750,000
Giant lion 1,700,000
Giant tiger 1,900,000 ☼ ♪
Roc 20,000,000 ☼ ♪ Megabeast
Dragon 25,000,000 Megabeast

☼ - These animals are a good choice for your army.
† - These animals are good choices for protecting important civilians, attacking dangerous creatures so the dwarf can escape.
♪ - These animals are good companions for hunters and marksdwarves.
‼ - These animals are a poor choice for training due to their voracious appetites for grass.
Remember to keep a breeding pair out of harm's way around if you want more of a particular animal, in case the ones in service somehow die.
It is reported possible to capture and tame water creatures if special care is used.


  • Wild animals can't be tamed with food bought from the embark screen or from caravans. If no home-grown food is available, you'll get a "needs unrotten item" error. Bug:3667[Verify]

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