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This article is about an older version of DF.

A window (b-y) is an item of furniture that can be constructed to form solid walls surrounding a room. A window is not considered support for the purposes of preventing cave-ins or allowing doors to be built, but it will block the flow of water. Glass windows can be made with any type of glass at a glass furnace, and are placed similarly to furniture. Like all furniture, windows must have a floor underneath them to be built. Alternatively, a gem window can be directly constructed (on-site, not in a workshop, by pressing b Y) from three cut gems of any type (including cut glass), but can't be made from large gems. If the gems used to make a gem window are of different colors, the window will flash between the different colors of the gems.

Dwarves can get a happy thought from passing by windows, and an even happier thought if it's built of a material they like.

Light from a window built into a cliff face will not illuminate a room and will not prevent cave adaptation.

Note that dwarves can see through windows, and (if civilian) will cancel jobs and run away from hostile creatures standing on the other side of the window. Animals can also see through windows, detecting thieves or ambushes on the other side of a window.

A noble may demand a window, no matter how far underground his rooms are.

A noble's mandate to make windows will not be satisfied by building a gem window.

A glass window's value multiplier is 25, the same as a statue. This makes glass windows a good choice for raising the value of a room.

Gem windows, on the other hand, do not receive value multipliers; a gem window's value is the sum of the value of the gems used in its construction. For maximizing value, gems are better used for decorations, even if your gem cutter and gem setter are only dabbling.

Both glass windows and gem windows can be wrecked by building destroyers. Gem windows will be toppled rather than destroyed, leaving behind the gems they were made from.

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