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This article is about an older version of DF.

Barracks may be defined from a bed, cabinet, chest, weapon rack, or armor stand. They provide a space for soldiers to sleep, train and store equipment (Bugged as of 31.10). Multiple barracks can overlap to serve the needs of several different squads.

As of the newer version, civilians will no longer sleep in open beds within a defined barracks. To circumvent this issue, simply use one of the beds in the barracks to designate a dormitory. To create a dormitory, press q, highlight a bed, press r, then -/+ until you have the size you want, then press d.

If your dwarves are sleeping on the floor instead of in one of the beds then remember that each bed in a barracks is assigned to one of the dwarves in the squad, press q highlight a bed and press p and it will tell you which dwarf was assigned to that bed.