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This article is about an older version of DF.

Supports are pillars built to prevent or control cave-ins.

Building a support[edit]

Supports are built through the build menu (b-S) and require one stone, log, block or bar of any type. They are built in two stages - first the material is moved into place by an architect, and then completed by either a carpenter (for wood), metalsmith (for metals), or mason (for all other materials, such as stone, glass, or soap).

Unlike constructed walls, supports do not create a floor tile on the Z-level above. Supports must be built on solid surfaces, so stacking supports atop each other only works if a floor is added between. Nonetheless, the square above a support acts like a floor in that it will hold up adjacent (not diagonal) floor squares. Supports do not block movement, fluids or missile fire.

Supports can hold up both ceilings (from below) and floors (from above).

Using a support[edit]

Supports can be linked to mechanisms and collapse when triggered, causing a cave-in if the support was the only thing preventing it. This can be used either as an offensive weapon or as a useful tool for breaking through layers or damming underground pools. See cave-in for more information on using the rock itself as a tool.