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This article is about an older version of DF.
It is important to have many doors, but don't get carried away.

Doors are a piece of furniture used mainly to control the movement of dwarves, pets and liquids and define the exits of rooms. A door must be built next to a wall or other form of support.

There is a way to place 3 or more doors side by side. (X = Wall, o = Door, _ = Empty Tile) Build 2 walls, with 2 spaces inbetween, (X__X) build doors inside those spaces,(XooX) and delete one wall,(Xoo_) construct a wall beside the wall you destroyed,(Xoo_X) and place a door between the other 2 doors and your new wall (XoooX). Repeat ad nauseam. Note that the deleted wall must be a constructed wall for this to work.


Doors can be made of stone, metal, glass, and wood. Artifact doors can be made out of just about anything. A glass door is called a portal.

While stone, wood, and glass doors require only a single building material, metal doors are intended to require 3 bars; due to a bug, however, they only require one barBug:130.


A door has three main settings:

  • Forbid Passage: The door can not be passed unless it is permitted again or destroyed. Dwarves, animals, both wild and tame, and most invaders will all be unable to pass (thieves can pick the locks of forbidden doors and pass them that way.)
  • Keep tightly closed: Animals will not be able to pass though the door, but dwarves and invaders will not be hindered. (A dwarf that passes through the door can accidentally let in the animals... {Or say a goblin that just so happened to be one of the 50 goblins that ambushed you was to open this door and let out these 500 ravenous Wardogs.}) This setting has been known to cause game lagBug:797.
  • Set as internal: When designating rooms, a door set as internal will not block room expansion.

Doors can also be connected to levers or pressure plates to open on command. Doors also halt the movement of liquids in the manner of floodgates, and can be used in the same ways if a passageway is narrow enough.


Any item on the same tile as a door will cause the door to be propped open, which makes it impossible to lock and will allow fluids in. Such will also jam mechanically linked doors, needing to be cleared out and the lever or pressure plate triggered again to shut.

Doors destroy any fluid on their tile when they close.

If invaders move past a door, they "take" the door and you have to move a dwarf onto the door to be able to forbid it again.

Artifact doors are indestructible [Verify]

See also: Floor hatch

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