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v0.31:Giant desert scorpion

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Giant desert scorpion



Pet Attributes
Pet value 2,500

Cannot be trained

Exotic - cannot be tamed 

Birth: 20,000 cm3
Mid: 100,000 cm3
Max: 200,000 cm3


Adult at: Birth
Max age: 20-30
Butchering returns

(Value multiplier ×4)

Food items

Meat 21-22
Fat 21
Brain 1
Heart 1
Intestines 1

Raw materials

Skin Chitin
This article is about an older version of DF.
A gigantic insect with huge pincers and a poisonous barbed tail. It is found in the savage lands.
A Giant Desert Scorpion doing what it knows best.

The Giant Desert Scorpion is a very high-value creature commonly found in deserts. As opponents, they are equivalent to Giant Cave Spiders in lethality, and may appear in groups of anything from one to three mayhem-minded individuals. Giant Desert Scorpions are predatory meandering killing machines. They will roam over long distances seeking prey, meaning they will eventually find your fortress and start stinging dwarves.

Giant Desert Scorpions are capable of injecting a neurotoxin which causes necrosis of the brain and nervous system, resulting in instant death once they completely rot. They cannot be stunned and feel no pain or fear. A wounded scorpion will never stop fighting until it is dead.

They are also famous for their ability to wrest the weapons you or your dwarves wield out of their hands (thanks to the UPPERBODY_PINCERS possessed by scorpions) and proceed to kill you with them.

The good news is that Giant Desert Scorpions can be tamed once a Dungeon master is present. Stuffing a cage with thirty scorpions and releasing them all at once during an invasion is a joyous sight.

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