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Things that need to be verified[edit]

I don't think this was the case even in 40d! Their corpses can by used to extract giant scorpion venom* and an antidote* to it. As with all animals, they can be sold to caravans. When butchered they will leave no bones or skull, and the "hide" they will leave is called chitin, but can be processed the same as any leather.
These items have only a trade value, and serve no other purpose inside a dwarf fortress.

Some frustrated scorpions have been reported to be invading fortresses to destroy wooden constructs and their [BUILDINGDESTROYER:1] supports this claim. Due to the relative scarcity of wood in their biome they often end up going well out of their way to find wooden constructions to rip up; archery targets have proven to be a popular, er, target.


Well, with the new butchering in adventurer mode system, I went ahead and butchered a giant desert scorpion. It was called a corpse, not a mutilated corpse, so all of it was butchered. It returned;

1x prepared heart, 1x prepared intestines, 1x brain, 1x chitin, 21x fat, 21x meat, and of course just put Giant Desert Scorpion before them all and that's what you get.

Not sure how to put this into the article.

--Goberfish 02:59, 13 July 2010 (UTC)

Thanks for posting this here. I've put it into the article. If you are interested in contributing more look here.
--Used 06:49, 13 July 2010 (UTC)