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Honey bee

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Honey bee
Honey bee sprite.png


Urist likes honey bees for their busy nature.


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A small flying insect that lives in large colonies. It has a powerful stinger on its tail. Its hives are prized for their honey.

Honey bees are a type of vermin found in any area that isn't freezing, and can spawn after embark, even if not originally present. They appear in naturally made hives ( Natural hive sprite.png ). Their wild colonies can be transferred into artificial hives and used in the beekeeping industry producing royal jelly, honey and wax as end products. They can sting a nearby dwarf or animal, resulting in the death of the bee, and causing slight pain but no negative thought for the dwarf. This sometimes results in the Recover Wounded task, which may actually give a good thought to the stung dwarf.

There are often tens of thousands inside mature hives. They are not killed by cats, but they can fill up your refuse stockpile if dwarves are regularly stung by them.

Some dwarves like honey bees for their busy nature, their buzzing, and their ability to organize.

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Despite common belief, bees do not like jazz.

"Honey bee" in other Languages Books-aj.svg aj ashton 01.svg
Dwarven: stetár agêk
Elven: arifè aveÿa
Goblin: stoz zaxo
Human: someg uzu
Admired for its busy nature.
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