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Chameleon sprite.png


Urist likes chameleons for their ability to change color.


Chameleon - Chameleon man - Giant chameleon


· Exotic pet

Pet value 10
Active Seasons
Spring Summer Autumn Winter

Wikipedia article

This article is about the current version of DF.
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A colorful lizard that spends its life hunting insects with its long tongue. It moves slowly through the trees, spying the surroundings with its independently roving eyes.

Chameleons are a species of above ground vermin found in a variety of biomes, from deserts to tropical forests.

They are notably the greatest egg-layers of all vermin, laying 40 to 50 eggs at a time. However, due to being vermin, these eggs can't be gathered through egg production. Fortunately, they can potentially be requested when trading with other races such as humans if they happen to settle in a region with chameleons in it, and their giant chameleon counterparts lay just as many eggs which can be freely used by your dwarves.

Curiously, chameleons in Dwarf Fortress have a body striped with all the colors of the rainbow, as their ability to change color has not been implemented yet.

Some dwarves like chameleons for their ability to change color and their eyes.

Admired for its eyes.
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